Golf Village I, Started the first three villas

EMI wanted to create a unique place that combines the feeling of relaxation and vacation with the feeling of being at home. After extensive research, we found the perfect style for our villas. These villas capture the exact atmosphere that we wanted to persuade

The villas and apartments of “Golf Village I” are state-of-the-art accommodations that were coordinated by EMI to create the perfect home away from home. Golf Village I and the apartments are located in a green environment and directly adjacent to a golf course and overlook a magnificent golf area. The location gives a calm and secluded impression while only being away 4km from the city center. Thus, everything you need is within your fingertips from the Golf Village. 

We made sure that the setting of our villas would flow well with the local environment. The wooden constructions and quality materials create a warm and harmonious atmosphere in and around the villas. The asymmetrical space and large windows create a rural design that gives the warm American appearance that makes solid wood so popular. 

The villas are the perfect combination of work and relaxation





Rue des Petites Roches    4000, Liége                        Belgium


+32 477 41 88 73


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